Down to Earth – Down Under, with Zac Efron

Make a Difference



  • Walk or Take a Bike when you can! If you don’t own one you can use Citi Bikes or Bird Scooters!
  • Carpool or When Taking an Uber or Lyft, use the “shared” option to carpool with other users to save gas and meet new friends!
  • When booking a flight, try to book non-stop flights – 3 Steps to Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Including quality carbon offsetting projects around the world to help you become carbon neutral – for business, companies and individuals

When you travel, rent a eco-friendly car or travel by bus, train or boat. Stay at hotels that are LEED certified. Always travel with a water bottle you can refill. Take showers, not baths. When you leave a hotel or your house, turn off all lights and Heat/AC. Use a carbon calculator and offset your carbon footprint. Visit places that promote eco-friendly practices. Donate to conservation and protection programs. Pre-ship for EcoFriendly Travel items. Give to the local economy. Look for certified eco-friendly activities.

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