Down to Earth – Down Under, with Zac Efron

Make a Difference



Use Reusable shopping bags.
Don’t have much time on your hands to hit the store? Instead of ordering from Amazon, use “Public Goods”. The website has everything from food to household Items to clothes and electronics.
Buy natural fibres, such as wool, instead of synthetic fibres which are made from fossil fuels
Avoid Polyester, Acrylic, Rayon
Shop online
Buy secondhand
Find a sustainable brand that is right for you
Look for brands with GOTS certification
Buy local
Reduce plastic waste
Buy recycled

Bring your used clothing to a charity or thrift shop
Purchase biodegradable cleaning products
Choose sustainable furniture
Ship climate neutral brands
Stop buying so much
When buying consider the environmental impact
Avoid impulse buying
Check the label

How to Shop Sustainably: 9 Green Tips | Aspiration

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