“Down to Earth” with Zac Efron

Episode 6

Puerto Rico

Zac and Darin see how an island rebuilds itself in the aftermath of a deadly hurricane, where survival in the form of sustainability has gone from convenience to absolute necessity.

"Down to Earth" Locations Shortcuts

Puerto Rico, the land of palm trees, rum and iguanas was devastated by Hurricane Maria. But with each natural disaster there brings a change and for Puerto Rico, it was a food revolution lead by young farmers. Darin and Zac visit Frutos Del Guacabo, a fifty farm cooperative to better understand the changes being made in local farming. World Central Kitchen, along with Angelie Martiniz and Efren Robles from Frutos Del Guacabo give Zac and Darin a tour of one of those farms along with a quick lesson in sustainable farming.

Puerto Rico is also know for it’s world class fishing. Zac and Darin visit Catano with the founder of Conservacion Con Ciencia, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental research and conservation to see the changes in the fishing industry. Zac and Darin get to see first hand how local fisherman catch their fish and have them in local restaurants to enjoy the same day.

Puerto Rico is now treading a new path towards sustainability and resilience

Learning from the massive destruction of its infrastructure by Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is now treading a new path towards sustainability and resilience. The island has just joined the club of cities and countries committed to having all its electricity needs met by renewables by 2050. Zac and Darin help remove debris to help a family struggling from the aftermath of hurricane Maria and find out what is being done to create a sustainable and better way of living through and after a hurricane.

Places we visited in Puerto Rico were;

  1. Port of San Juan, Old San Juan
  2. Cantera, San Juan
  3. Frutos Del Guacabo, Manatí
  4. Caribe Hilton, San Juan
  5. Casa Sol Bed and Breakfast, Old San Juan
  6. Cocina Abierta, San Juan

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At Conservación ConCiencia we utilize an interdisciplinary toolbox that integrates life sciences, societal welfare and economic security into a problem-solving approach to today’s most pressing environmental issues. Conservación ConCiencia is a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate community organizing and citizen science which promote achieving our mission: to implement effective, science based conservation actions that move our societies towards sustainability.

World Central Kitchen – Is an organization that has created smart solutions to hunger and poverty, and for many years has seen an amazing impact through our clean cook-stoves initiative, culinary training programs, and social enterprise ventures that empower communities and strengthen economies.
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