“Down to Earth” with Zac Efron

Episode 1


Zac and Darin travel to the Land of Fire and Ice to learn about alternative energy, and to see how a county is able to power itself from 100% renewable sources.

"Down to Earth" Locations Shortcuts

Reykjavik Iceland is the world’s most sustainable city. 100% of Iceland’s electricity comes from a renewable energy source, produced by heat from volcanic activity under the surface and the force from the magnificent cascading water falls. Zac and Darin see first hand how these incredible natural and renewable forces are harnessed and used for power.

Iceland has extreme geo-thermal activities going on underneath your feet throughout the entire country. The combination of volcanic activity and a cold climate has earned Iceland the nickname, “Land of fire and Ice”. Zac and Darin visit a geo-thermal wellness center located in Laugarvatn and see how easy it is to cook eggs and bake bread by just simply putting them in the ground.

Iceland’s cuisine and food production are closely tied to the local land and waters and influenced by past and present sustainability.

Iceland, the cleanest energy consumer in the world

Zac and Darin find out that absolutely nothing is wasted when they visit the local restaurant, Dill. Dill is one of the best restaurants in Iceland and has a Michelin star.

Zac and Darin visit the Blue Lagoon which is an outdoor geo-thermal spa. They take a dip in the lagoon and find that this lagoon is not only beautiful and but it has many healing properties. The Blue Lagoon was born out of supporting sustainable development for society and is supplied by water used in the nearby Svartsengi geothermal power station.

Icelandic Geyser

Places we visited in Iceland;

  1. Laugarvatn
  2. Sandvik
  3. Omnom Chocolate, Reykjavik
  4. Gullfoss Falls
  5. Ljosafoss Power Station
  6. Dill Restaurant, Reykjavik
  7. Resource Park: Blue Lagoon, Grindavík

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