“Down to Earth” with Zac Efron

Episode 2

Paris & Lourdes

The City of Lights is now the City of Water as clean drinking initiatives make it possible to fill up at over 800 fountains, including Sparkling water ones! FOR FREE! And are miracle cures real? Or do the waters of Lourdes simply give the ailing a chance to heal themselves? Perhaps a little of both..

"Down to Earth" Locations Shortcuts

Anna Kendrick joins Zac and Darin for a water tasting at Petit Ermitage in Los Angeles, California. They find out that all water is not the same and for some of the finer waters in the world, you need a sommelier to walk you through the different tastes and flavors of water.

Zac and Darin travel to the culinary capital of the world to study the most important nutrient we put in our body, water and along the way they discover the healing powers of water, the beauty of how Paris provides high quality water and even sparkling water to everyone in Paris.

Paris’ drinking water has been known for its high quality. Half comes from underground wells and half from the Seine and Marne rivers. When a family of four switches from bottles to tap water, that’s 12 fewer pounds of plastic waste a year.

Zac and Darin travel to the culinary capital of the world to study the most important nutrient we put in our body: water

In 2017 Paris started adding sparkling water to their public drinking fountains. Each fountain is connected to the main water line, with a CO2 carbonator added in. The CO2 is added in when the water is exactly 44 degrees Fahrenheit, so it always has a cool, fresh flavor. However, these fountains don’t just dispense streams of perfectly chilled seltzer—they also have a green incentive. The French consume an average of 40 gallons of bottled water annually, so the city is trying to reduce plastic waste by providing fresh, clean water at public fountains.

Places we visited in France;

  1. Euro Tunnel
  2. Calais
  3. Paris
  4. L’Usine d’Eau de Paris (Paris water plant)
  5. Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, Lourdes

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