“Down to Earth” with Zac Efron

Episode 3

Costa Rica

Living off the Grid has never been more luxurious than in these high end permaculture villages. Zac and Darin learn about these unique communities dedicated to producing their own food and energy without leaving a negative imprint on the planet.

"Down to Earth" Locations Shortcuts

Zac and Darin are deep in the jungles of Central America to see how people are coming together to think differently about every aspect of their lives and creating a healthy, unique and sustainable community. Zac and Darin go back to school to challenge old ideas on their journey through Costa Rica.

Sustainable living in Costa Rica is the art of doing more with less. Costa Rica is a leader in sustainable living and the birthplace of eco-tourism. Costa Rican nationals have a strong daily practice of tending to their land, water and inhabitants. Costa Rica is living, breathing proof that sustainable living makes us happier. Zac and Darin discover these truths while exploring Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is also ranked in the top ten places to zip line. Zac gets out into the jungle and learns that zip lining in Costa Rica is a lot of fun but can be very dangerous if you aren’t paying attention.

Places we visited in Costa Rica;

  1. La Ecovilla, San Mateo
  2. Terraventuras Nativo Zipline, Puerto Viejo de Limón
  3. Punta Mona, Limón Province

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The Jaguar Rescue Center is a temporary or permanent home for ill, injured and orphaned animals. With a focus on monkeys, sloths, other mammals, birds and reptiles, the JRC provides veterinary services, round-the-clock care and comfort to animals that would otherwise be unable to survive in the rainforest or the waters of the Caribbean.

You can support the center and help Jaguars in the region by adopting a Jaguar or by making a donation. Get to know our special guests and find out everything about rescue, rehabilitation, care and release efforts we do on a daily basis to protect wildlife in Costa Rica.


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