“Down to Earth” with Zac Efron

Episode 5

Lima, Peru

How many people actually know where their food comes from? The guys go to the source in Lima where they learn about BioPiracy and how Peruvian Superfoods are now being improperly exported and exploited, threatening the economy and survival of indigenous people..

"Down to Earth" Locations Shortcuts

Despite its location in the tropics and in a desert, Lima’s proximity to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean leads to temperatures much lower than those expected for a tropical desert and thus Lima can be classified as a desert climate with temperatures rarely falling below 54 degrees or above 84 degrees. Darin and Zac found out how nice it can be to go sand surfing in the desert climate on some of the most beautiful sand dunes in Peru.

In recent decades, Peruvian food has experienced a worldwide boom in popularity. Lima has produced chefs and restaurants of international renown. Peru’s political stability has increased in recent years, making it possible for Peruvian chefs to focus on inviting newcomers to experience the savory complexity of their cuisine. Zac and Darin find out just how incredible the food is when chef Virgilio Martinez Veliz serves them at Central Restaurante, Michelin starred and named one of the worlds 50 best restaurants.

With increased interest in preserving the Amazon rainforest, a few Peruvian chefs have made a point of showing off its wild ingredients.

Amazonian staples include bananas, plantains, wild yucca, wild game, and fish.

Some of the plants may seem familiar, but the rainforest’s variations on plums, limes, and other fruits don’t grow outside of their humid habitat. Catfish from the Amazon River is readily available, and frequently enormous. You can even eat the widely feared (yet tasty) pirañha, or try out species of game like wild boar. Meats are often boiled, or wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked over a fire.

Places we visited in Peru were;

  1. International Potato Center
  2. Central Restaurant, Barranco
  3. Surquillo Market, Surquillo
  4. Chilcas District

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