Down to Earth Apparel cotton is organically grown and no part is wasted. Manufacturing is powered by the wind and the sun. Recirculated water is clean, filtered, reused and even drinkable while each garment is made to order. At the end of its life we’ll recycle it.

Wind and Solar powered

Throughout the Down to Earth Apparel supply chain renewable energy is used. Blank Garments are manufactured in India and powered by 2 wind farms and a 150kw PV array. We print your garment in real-time, within minutes of your order being received. No stock, no waste. Renewable energy is affordable, reliable and something we are committed to using.

Natural and recycled materials

Down to Earth Apparel is made of natural materials, not plastic. Organic cotton is better for the producers and the ecosystem in which it is produced. Instead of more toxic pesticides and fertilisers, co planting and insect traps are used along with a special ingredient – cow poo. When you wear out your garment simply send it back and we’ll recycle it and make new products with it.

Plastic-free packaging

Every order is sent out in our own design of plastic-free packaging. About 2% of our cotton manufacturing ends up on the factory floor. This waste is collected and processed into card which in turn becomes our shipping cartons. Even the 5% of water that we’re unable to recirculate and use is dried and used for road markings. We use everything, no waste.