Season1 – Costa Rica

Living off the Grid has never been more luxurious than in these high end permaculture villages. Zac and Darin learn about these unique communities dedicated to producing their own food and energy without leaving a negative imprint on the planet.

Season 1 – Iquitos

As Darin faces the anxiety of losing his house to the Malibu Fires, he and Zac travel up river to uncover the mysteries of the most powerful and potent curative plants in the Amazon Rain Forest.

Season 1 – Sardinia

Longevity is the lifestyle on this Blue Zone isle where there are more people over 80 than under 18. How do they do it? Food? Family? Faith? or Great Wine, Goat Cheese and Good Genes?

Season 1 – France

The City of Lights is now the City of Water as clean drinking initiatives make it possible to fill up at over 800 fountains, including Sparkling water ones! FOR FREE! And are miracle cures real? Or do the waters of Lourdes simply give the ailing a chance to heal themselves? Perhaps a little of both.

Season 1 – Lima

How many people actually know where their food comes from? The guys go to the source in Lima where they learn about BioPiracy and how Peruvian Superfoods are now being improperly exported and exploited, threatening the economy and survival of indigenous people.

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